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"You Are Alive" is a breathtaking testament to the vibrant essence of existence. Radiant bursts of color cascade across the canvas, echoing the rhythmic pulse of life itself. Swirling patterns and fluid lines evoke the ebb and flow of energy, while layers of translucent washes add depth and dimension to the composition.


Amidst the kaleidoscope of hues, hints of organic forms emerge, hinting at the interconnectedness of all living things. In "You Are Alive," the artist captures the ineffable beauty and vitality of the human experience, inviting viewers to revel in the sheer joy of being alive.


This captivating artwork serves as a poignant reminder to embrace each moment with gratitude and awe, celebrating the extraordinary gift of life in all its glorious splendor.

"You Are Alive" - Giclée print, 70x90cm (27x35in).

  • Luxury Giclée prints, meticulously crafted with archival inks on premium paper (Hahnemühle William Turner paper 310gsm), in collaboration with a small local print house in Barcelona, Spain. Each print is hand-signed and numbered by the artist.

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