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"To all that rattles" is an abstract painting that captures a sense of chaos and agitation. The canvas is filled with bold, vibrant brushstrokes, seemingly uninhibited by any recognisable forms or figures. The colours used are intense and clash against each other, enhancing the overall sense of movement and discord.


The painting is a reflection of the dissonance and disturbance present in the world. But also a tumultuous inner struggle, depicting the artist's battle with conflicting thoughts and emotions. The artwork captures a sense of violence and opposition, as the artist confronts both themselves and the external world. 


However, amidst this chaos, there is tranquility and peace, reminding the viewer of the universal truth that the world and everything within it is not an adversary but a loving force.

"To all that rattles" - 1.5x1 oil on canvas.

  • Oil painting on canvas, acrylic underpainting.

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