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"I Am Not Your Cinderella" is a poignant exploration of self-assertion and empowerment depicted through bold, abstract expression. The canvas is alive with a riot of colors, swirling and intertwining in a symphony of defiance.


Stark contrasts and jagged lines convey a sense of strength and resilience, challenging conventional notions of fairy tale endings. Amidst the chaos, fragments of shattered glass and metallic hues emerge, symbolizing the breaking of societal norms and the rejection of traditional roles.


This evocative artwork serves as a powerful reminder that every woman and indeed every individual possesses the strength to forge their own destiny, transcending the limitations imposed by others' expectations. 

“I Am Not Your Cinderella” - Giclée print, 50x70cm (19x27in).

  • Luxury Giclée prints, meticulously crafted with archival inks on premium paper (Hahnemühle William Turner paper 310gsm), in collaboration with a small local print house in Barcelona, Spain. Each print is hand-signed and numbered by the artist.

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