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"Heart cracks open" is a captivating and deeply emotive painting that took shape over the course of seven months, evolving through numerous layers and iterations. Its creation involved a delicate balance of adding and removing layers, resulting in a dynamic interplay of textures and colours. 


The title suggests a profound vulnerability, as the painting symbolically exposes the innermost depths of the artist's heart at a crucial point in their own relationship with their mental health.


"Heart cracks open" is a deeply layered painting depicting the transformative power of suffering. It portrays the initial notion of heartbreak as something that destroys and fragments, but as one delves into the discomfort and confronts it head-on, the painting reveals the emergence of light breaking through the cracks. 


This work of art symbolises the potential for growth and new beginnings that can arise from even the most painful experiences, inviting viewers to reflect on their own relationship to grief and its transformative powers.

"Heart cracks open" - 1x1.50oil on acrylic base on canvas.

  • Oil painting on canvas, shipped on stretcher bars, framing available uppon request.

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