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"Acceptance" portrays the tumultuous journey towards accepting oneself and the world just as it is not as we may wish it to be. The artist captures emotions and experiences involved in this practice, reflecting the often painful and challenging sides of this ever evolving journey.

Through vibrant and contrasting colours, dynamic brushstrokes, and layered textures, the artwork symbolises the internal boundaries we must overcome to find true freedom.

Inspired by Tara Brach's quote, the painting encourages viewers to observe and acknowledge their inner states with sincerity, compassion, and love.

"The boundary to what we can accept is the boundary to our freedom.” Tara Brach

“Acceptance” diameter 1m (39in) oil on acrylic base.

Only 1 left in stock
  • Oil painting on canvas, acrylic underpainting shipped on stretcher bars, framing available uppon request.

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