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"A World in Which Many Worlds Fit" is a vibrant abstract painting that juxtaposes bright neon hues against warm earthy neutrals. The canvas dances with a kaleidoscope of colors, suggesting the coexistence of myriad worlds within our own.


The interplay of vivid neon tones invokes a sense of boundless energy and possibility, while the grounding presence of warm earthy neutrals provides a sense of stability and rootedness. 


This painting embodies the boundless diversity of existence. Each brushstroke hints at a unique universe, yet together they harmonize, inviting viewers to contemplate the infinite diversity of existence and the interconnectedness of all things within our vast universe.

"A World in Which Many Worlds Fit"- 70 x 90cm (28x 35in) oil on mixed media base

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  • Oil painting on canvas, acrylic underpainting.

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