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Swindle "galleries" of the digital age

Welcome to my very first blog entry, thanks so much for being here! Through this blog, I aim to share insights and lessons that I learn along the way, in the hope that it may help others who are starting out in the art world.

Today's entry aims to raise awareness within the artistic community, empowering artists to protect themselves against fraudulent practices and choose reputable galleries that genuinely support and showcase their work.

In today's digital era, the corporatised nature of social media has transformed the art industry, presenting both opportunities and challenges for emerging artists. While it provides a platform for self-promotion and exposure, the increasing presence of scams disguised as galleries undermines the essence of traditional professional art spaces. 

Rather than working on a commission basis to sell artists' work, these deceitful entities exploit artists by offering to charge exorbitant fees for exhibitions. It is essential for emerging artists to navigate this complex landscape and seek legitimate avenues that value their talent and support their artistic journey.

Let me know if you would like a list of some of the "galleries" that have reached out in this manner, I am happy to name names.

In the meantime I would suggest only working with galleries that trust their contact list, reach and ability to make sales enough to work on the traditional model of commissions (30 - 40%).

Research, research, research and exercise caution when engaging with any entity or gallery to protect your work and interests.


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