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2022-2023 The Destruction Layer

“The Destruction Layer” is a compelling collection of abstract paintings that delves into the transformative power of revolution, disruption, and the courage to dismantle the status quo. This series captures the essence of how breaking down existing structures can pave the way for profound change and growth.

Each painting in the collection is characterised by intense colours, dynamic brushstrokes, and layered textures that evoke a sense of upheaval and renewal. The interplay of chaos and order within these works symbolises the destructive yet generative forces at play in moments of significant transformation.

“The Destruction Layer” explores the notion that true progress often arises from the ashes of what once was. It portrays the courage required to tear down outdated paradigms and the resilience needed to build anew from the remnants. The abstract forms and fragmented compositions reflect the tumultuous journey of deconstruction and the subsequent emergence of new possibilities.

This collection serves as a visual testament to the idea that from destruction comes creation. It challenges viewers to embrace the uncertainty and discomfort of breaking away from the familiar and to recognise the potential for growth that lies within disruption. “The Destruction Layer” is a powerful call to action, urging us to find strength in the process of tearing things up and to envision the revolutionary changes that can lead to a more equitable and dynamic future.

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