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A Relational Web of Being and Becoming (Full collection coming July 2024)

Full collection coming July 2024
“A Relational Web of Being and Becoming” is a highly political collection of large-scale abstract oil paintings that challenges neoliberal ideologies and capitalist realities. This series serves as a visual manifesto, rejecting conventional notions of identity and existence dictated by market-driven forces and individualism.

This collection critically engages with themes of identity, growth, and systemic change, highlighting the continuous state of becoming that shapes our lives. It invites viewers to reconsider their place within the broader societal framework and to challenge the impact of capitalist structures on our interconnectedness.

“A Relational Web of Being and Becoming” is not merely an aesthetic exploration but a call to action. It urges viewers to reflect on the pervasive influence of neoliberalism and to envision alternative ways of relating and existing that prioritise collective well-being and sustainability. Through these abstract expressions, the collection fosters a sense of unity, empathy, and a commitment to redefining our shared reality in more equitable and interconnected terms.

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