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2023-2024 Feel with Abandon

“Feel with Abandon” is a thought-provoking collection of abstract oil paintings that challenges viewers to confront and embrace the full spectrum of human emotion. This series transcends conventional artistic boundaries, employing dynamic colours, bold brushstrokes, and fluid forms to evoke the raw, unrestrained essence of emotional experience.

Each piece serves as a visual narrative, exploring the intersection of personal and collective consciousness in a world often constrained by social norms and expectations. “Feel with Abandon” invites a critical dialogue on the nature of emotional freedom, encouraging viewers to dismantle the barriers that inhibit authentic expression.

This collection is not merely an aesthetic journey but a commentary on the necessity of emotional liberation in contemporary society. It seeks to foster a deeper understanding of how our emotions shape our identities and influence our interactions within the broader social fabric. Through these abstract expressions, “Feel with Abandon” becomes a catalyst for introspection, empathy, and ultimately, transformative change.

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